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Rubber Band Aeroplane

Product Information:

  • A lightweight foam and polystyrene plane can be quickly assembled from the kit components.
  • The propeller is then simply wound until the elastic band is twisted and taut, ready to launch.
  • The plane is pretty durable, but the kit includes several spare pieces of tape for any particularly bad landings!
  • An excellent version of a childhood classic.
  • Comes in various colours. Wingspan approximately 38cm.

Item Description

The rubber bandplane is supplied in kit form, so the kids will have fun assembling it ready for it’s first flight at the park. This rubber band plane is the most durable of our band planes and the rubber band passes through the planes body. The elastic band is wound via the propeller, and has wheels for a smooth take-off. 38cm. wingspan. Choose from the following available Colours – Any – Suprise Me, Blue, Red. Please contact us immediately after purchase if you have a preferred choice.

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